Growing Popularity of E-Learning in Singapore

E-learning permits students to learn anywhere at any time as long as they have an internet connection. Now, you can learn and participate in discussions, forums and classes in the comfort of your home. As more students are becoming computer literate, this will not require much intensive training for them to get started. It allows a flexible learning time as students can learn things offline, too.

E-learning in Singapore has increased in popularity over the past couple of years. Singapore is a tech-savvy nation and almost everyone are computer literate now. There are a lot of classes, seminars and discussions being introduced via the internet. The benefit of this new learning platform is massive, as it can reach a wider audience and can target the correct people without exerting too much effort.

This new platform allows student to save money and time. By using e-learning, it cuts off the need to have a formal classroom session. This eliminates the cost for travel. Simply designate a time for everyone to go online and voila, you will have an online discussion, studying in the comfort of one’s abode instead of facing the harsh traffic or cramped classroom. In addition, a lecturer or teacher may record a tutorial video if they are unable to be there with their students. Although it has limited interactivity, classes can always go on and students may give feedback online. The lecturer or teacher will check it when he or she has the free time (or according to a schedule) and will respond. No more papers, chalks, pens, and markers.