Children wants to watch TV, playing computer games, prefer to watch movies in the cinemas and other visual production that catches the attention of the children. We all know that Children want to hear some songs, observing the rituals or listening to their silence. Children want a colorful and an interacting education.

In our generation, we are now surrounded with different technologies in which the children are more interested in these things. They want to have tablet, phone, touch screen laptops, computer and other digital products. They are more interested in digital videos rather than books. Some of the students think that book is very boring and dry. They want an adventurous teaching that can reach to their level of energy. Children nowadays are very competitive compared to the children from 1980’s-2000.

Many companies make a good strategy on how to promote education by using technologies. They use different software and digital products to attain good education for the younger generation.

Technology can be the great equalizer in a classroom with diverse learners. One of the examples of promoting good education through technology is by making educational videos. Videos are the perfect medium for students who are audible or visual learners. Videos are visibly an instructional medium that is influential and generates a much better quantity of importance and satisfaction than the more traditional printed material. Videos encourage and engage students making awareness and providing interests for longer periods of time.

Genio, an advance interactive educational Television series produced by Grid Synergy for SingTel’s mioTV makes educational videos more fun and exciting. From conceptualization to production, Grid Synergy provide strict educational standards that are followed and promote original scripting, animation and motion graphics to produce a high-quality and appealing product.

If the education is more engaging and interesting, the students are more interactive in every lessons they have. When the students are more enjoy, they will learn more. When the children are enjoyed and learned more, they will get good information from the lesson. This is an effective way on how to educate our children for today’s generation.

The Role of a Production House

We all know what a production house is, but what exactly is the role it plays in creation of video? A production company has a lot of things to do in order to come up with wonderful videos, be it animation or corporate videos.

First, a production house is the one that deals with the screenplay once it has been written. Moreover, the production house is the one that takes care of pre-production. It is the production house which manages things such as funding, actor casting, staff hiring and other things which shall be needed in the field. The production is the one who handpicks the actors which are going to be in the film.

It is also the production house which should deal with the filming process; they are the ones who shall take care of the shooting locations. They also have to secure these locations, so that the audience is not going to gather around and end up causing unnecessary distraction to everyone during the shooting.

And in cases of large production, it is sometimes required to hire security as well to ensure safety of everyone during the filming. Not only that, they are also the ones responsible in case that there is something wrong with the filming, like when an actor has been injured during the shooting.

As for the post-production, it is the production house which shall take care of the things such as editing, special effects and sound. It is the part wherein they put in the other elements needed in order to create a proper film. The production house can also take care of other things such as the distribution of the film. Sometimes they are also the ones who take care of the advertising of the film. These things are some of the roles which a production house plays.

Animation in Marketing

The world of animation truly has gone far. Animation companies such as Walt Disney and Pixar, as well as the funny cartoons made by Warner Bro’s, have become popular worldwide. And why not? After all, there is nothing more exciting than seeing an entirely different world, made alive by every line and stroke, almost as if by magic. Needless to say, that animation has become one of the things which everyone appreciated, regardless of age. Old or young, everyone had fun watching drawn characters move and even talk. Animation has been widely received because of its artistic and entertainment value.

Nevertheless, one must not think that animation is all just that. There is actually more to animation than just as a form of amusement. Animation is not just meant for people to view as television series or a film. In fact, animation is far broader than that. We can also make sure of animation in the field of marketing. Who would have thought that the wonderful form of art which had entertained millions of children as well as those who are child at heart, can be used in order to make your brand marketable?

Animation can actually bring color and life to your marketing. It can be used when you are presenting your product. It is an efficient method, since you save more time and effort compared to when you have to prepare and bring your product when you can simply set up a 3D presentation of it. As in case of promoting by means of commercials on television or web videos, animation can help you create something that is catchy and unforgettable. It is a clever and entertaining way of keeping the viewers attention on you and your brand. Animation is a cost-effective and attention-grabbing method which you can turn into a powerful marketing tool.

The Marketing Power of a Video

There are so many possible strategies that you can come up with when it comes to marketing. The only problem is that while you have a lot of options to choose from, it is not easy to understand which type of strategy is going to work best with you.

With the rise of the internet and the social media, you get find more ways to do your marketing. It has even come to the point that marketing can now be done by means of different websites, from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram. YouTube, for example, has been known to be a powerful platform for those who aspire to be known worldwide. And today it has become a nest of a variety of videos, from amateur videos to company commercials. This simply proves that it is a powerful medium which can be used not just to inform or to entertain, but also to promote and make profit. For this reason you should understand the marketing power of a video.

There are so many reasons why video marketing is a good strategy. First and foremost, it is apparent that videos nowadays have the propensity to go viral, meaning it can become widely popular in just a short span of time. Online videos can be passed easily to others; all it takes is just one click in order for a person to share a video to the rest of the world. If a person likes the commercial or product you made, that person can easily share it to others. Moreover, people also find videos to be more engaging than text.

Videos capture the attention of the audience longer compared to mere text. And as videos are now searchable with the help of search engines, people can easily access your video especially when they are in need of certain information. With videos, you get to reach out to a lot of people in a fast and subtle way. The online world is huge, and you can do a lot of things with it. Make your video short and interesting, and your brand will surely become viral in a jiffy. These things are only some of the things that makes video marketing so powerful.

Web Video Production and the expansion of media

There is no doubt that people are truly fond of media today. From the music that comes out of the radio to the television series that appear daily or weekly, people just can’t get enough of the media today.

This industry has been earning millions throughout the years, and it is still expanding to reach masses in new and exciting way. Today, media has expanded that it even has reached the online world. Today, we get to hear about videos which have gone ‘viral’ – meaning it has been viewed by thousands, maybe even millions of people worldwide through websites such as YouTube. Not only that, people are now also looking for ward to watching talented individuals who uploaded videos, and they gain so much popularity as that of the superstars in Hollywood themselves. For this reason, even companies have begun to make use of online videos in order to endorse their products and services. Thus began the world of web video production.

A web video production is no different from ordinary video production, except that it is designed for the web. Simply put, it is a video production that is meant to be distributed online. It has become widely popular especially with the establishment of websites such as YouTube, which is by now the number two search engine in the world. Web video production has paved an entirely new path for the world of media to grow. Commercials, How-to videos, even animation and movies, you can now view all of these things online. With web video, there have been more opportunities for many people to inform, to entertain, and to show off what they can do to the rest of the world. Media has truly expanded today; and believe it or not, it still keeps on growing.

The Making of a Great Corporate Video

The world seems to have advanced greatly, thanks to the developments made in different fields of science and technology. We are now at a digital age, and it is quite apparent, with all the things that now appear on television screens and websites all over the world. Everyone makes use of technology today; old and young, man and woman. Even business corporations are using technology nowadays in order to make things easier and more productive. Software can now be used to monitor things such as inventory, employee performance, and so on. Not only that, we can now also make use of technology as a tool for marketing. An example of it would be the corporate video.

A corporate video production is just like a video production for movies and television shows, except that it is mainly for corporations. It provides information about the company or its products and services, which makes it ideal for marketing. Nevertheless, a lot of people view corporate video as something which is dull, dry and boring, which is unfortunate since we aim to use corporate video to entice the viewers, who are also the potential clients. Thus one must know how to make a really good corporate video.

It is not impossible to create a corporate video that is fun and professional-looking at the same time. It only takes a good ideal and proper management in order to come up with something that will surely get the attention of the audience. First, you must come up with a video that captures interest right from the start. Not all viewers have a long attention span, so it is important to be catchy right from the start of your video, or it will be a lost cause. Secondly, you must keep in mind the importance of using emotion.

There are a lot of corporate videos that have become failure because they seemed dull. Making use of emotion in your video, say, you make it funny or touching, adds colour to the corporate video and makes it more interesting to the audience. Lastly, a good corporate video is a creative video. Do not be afraid to take risks, be innovative and come up with something that is fresh and unique. The audience will truly appreciate a video that offers something fun and new to them. These are the few things which make a truly good corporate video.

The perks of a corporate video production

We are now in an era that is dominated by technology. It has affected every aspect of our lives, and there is no doubt that it has now affected even the world of business. Nowadays it is common to make use of modern technology in order for you to become successful. We use them to increase production, monitor employee activity, and have a strong marketing. Corporate videos, for example, are an example of how companies make use of technology as tools for marketing. The main purpose of corporate videos is to provide the viewers (which also serve as potential customers) information about the company and their product.

But there are more reasons for you to try using corporate video. For one, corporate videos can help establish your brand. A corporate video can be used to introduce your company to the world. Of course, this also means that you should let them know what you can offer to them. Making your product known through a video is an efficient way of advertising, especially today when videos can now be shared so easily throughout social media.

Unfortunately, corporate videos are often viewed as dry, dull and not exciting at all. This stereotype often makes it hard for people to be enticed to watch corporate videos, and as a result, the marketing becomes unsuccessful. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to create a corporate video that is catchy.

There are companies in Singapore which specializes in corporate video production, such as the Grid Synergy. They are one of Singapore’s leading providers of digital solutions, from animation to movie production. They believe in making use of creativity to create fresh and catchy videos which are surely going to be viewed by the audience. They can easily create corporate videos that are engaging and can surely attract many viewers.

Make Your Corporate Video More Catchy

Here’s a general stereotype of a corporate video: people often think of it as dull, boring, something that is akin to a mother’s lullaby which can easily make you fall asleep. Unfortunately, this is not what we would like to happen. After all, corporate videos are meant to be watched by people. We create corporate videos for a variety of purposes, but generally we use them to inform people, maybe about how the company is like or a glimpse of the upcoming projects which you will be working on. Corporate videos can also help boost marketing. Thus it is relevant that we create a corporate video that is catchy in order to attract a huge audience.

Corporate videos are often viewed as dull and not enticing, but there are actually ways to make it interesting. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that the title of the video is search-engine friendly. The title should be strong enough to grab the attention of the audience, but at the same time it should be something that can make it easier to find using search engines. You should also make use of tags in order to make your video more accessible using search engines. It is also ideal that you make your corporate video ‘human’, meaning your should incorporate emotion into your video to keep it from looking like a dull video. Adding the element of emotion makes the video will help capture the interest of the viewers, and it makes the video more colourful.

If you are having trouble trying to make a catchy corporate video, you can always rely on certain movie production companies in Singapore which also offers digital solutions for corporate use. They have creative and unique ideas which will surely make your corporate video catchy and entertaining, all the while providing people with relevant information about your company and what it has to offer.


Animations are full of imaginations. Animations can be an effective message way of communication.

Animation is very entertaining. The production is very colorful and explains well about the company and its product. Animation is a good visualization of mind and creativity. It has a better understanding especially to the kids. The message can be easily deliver to the audience. Without animation, the internal production of the video is dry. There’s no effects and visualization. The whole production is meaningless. Animation can attract the audience very easy.

Animation is a part of new media. Many universities and colleges offer Multimedia arts which it is very known for today’s generation. Multimedia arts studies about computer programs to produce illustrations or computer animation software. They also study on how to make movies, shows, games, or programs. Multimedia animators can work as game designers, video productions, animation production, concept planning or head animators. Multimedia arts graduates can go to animated movies or video games or any related field like Video and movie production.

Animation is a collection of fun characters, simulation of real world and lots of style that makes us happy and appreciates on its creativity. Animation represents your imagination. You can’t create what is happening in the reality but you visualize it. Animation is now known for video commercial campaigns.

When it comes to animation, the Grid Synergy makes the video alive with interactive animation and info-graphics. They work closely with their clients and partners like MTV, Singtel, ST Electronics e-services and others. The company creates digital solutions to help them connect to their customers more efficiently. Animation is not just all about art; it creates emotions and stories where people and the whole world want it. Widen your imagination and create an animation.

E-learning: the new way of pursuing knowledge

Humans are undeniably ceaseless when it comes to learning. Since the beginning of time, mankind have been very eager to know more about the world. It may be due to the human’s innate mindset of survival, as they learn how to adapt to their harsh environment. Or it may actually be a pursuit of their passion, as seen in the works of the great minds of the past, from the renowned Greeks such as Aristotle and Plato to the brilliant philosophers such as Confucius. All of the things which they have discovered and learned have been passed down to their students, and these students soon became teachers who in turn passed down more knowledge to the next generation. This cycle went on, until today. And not only did we keep on learning; we had developed ways to ensure that the youth shall enjoy learning even more than before.

Thanks to the developments made by the brilliant minds of the past, our knowledge has materialized into something which is beneficial to a lot of people. The theories and discoveries of the scientists back in the old days became the foundation of the advanced technology we have today. And we owe it to technology that education has become digital. One of the innovations that we have today is e-learning.

E-learning is short for electronic learning, and it is one of the new ways to make learning more exciting. The youth today are generally known to be inclined to technology, to the point that they often spend more time facing the computer or their other gadgets rather than reading thick and hard to understand books. This can come in the form of educational shows and educational computer games. Electronic learning is much interactive, which makes it more exciting especially for the youngsters. Another good thing about e-learning is that you can study anytime, anywhere, even outside the classroom. It is a fresh and fun way to help the youth discover more about the world.