How to make an Interesting Educational Video

Learning has now become high-tech. Nowadays, people make use of technology in order to help students learn better. This is what they call electronic learning, more often known as E-learning.

Through e-learning, students can learn things even when outside of their classroom. They do this through interactive learning materials which they can access even when they are not in school. And one of the learning materials that they make use of nowadays are educational videos.

Nevertheless, even with the help of e-learning, educators still find it difficult to make students take more interest in studying. That is why it is important that even the e-learning materials such as educational videos to be interesting. Here are some tips which can help you come up with an interesting educational video.

When planning on creating an educational video, you should keep in mind the following things. First, think about the lesson that you would like to share with your students. Does it meet their standards?

When planning about what type of video you should produce, you should make sure that the topic was a new one and hasn’t been discussed yet with your students. Your video should be short, in order to keep up with the students’ attention span. Just highlight the important points, and you should be keen on referencing while providing information in your video, so that they will know where to look for additional info later on. Lastly, your educational video should have a personal touch. You should keep yourself from merely blabbering out information as if you are some kind of a robot. The students will not get bored when they see a video of someone who educates them as if they are a friend whom they are having a fun conversation with.

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Animation is an attempt to represent motion of an object by putting together images displayed in rapid succession. This attempt to represent life through still images has been evident since time immemorial. It has existed even during those days that people know nothing about civilization. Animation has gone through a lot of progress, and with the advance in technology it became more intricate and more realistic. One of the earliest forms of animation is the traditional animation.

It is also known as cel or hand-drawn animation, which is the process used for most animated films of the 20th century. It is created by drawing images or objects on a paper in individual frames. Each drawing in individual paper differs slightly so as to create the illusion of movement. The drawings of the animator are traced or photocopied onto transparent acetate sheets called cels. These are then filled in with paints in assigned colors or tones on the side opposite the line drawings. To consolidate the images into a single motion frame, the completed character cels are photographed one-by-one against a painted background by a rostrum camera onto motion picture film.

Another form of traditional animation is full animation which refers to the process of producing high-quality traditionally animated films that regularly use detailed drawings and plausible movement, having a smooth animation. Limited animation on the other hand, involves the use of less detailed or more stylized drawings and methods of movement usually a choppy or skippy movement animation. Rotoscoping is the technique in producing traditional animation which was patented by Max Fleischer in 1917 where animators trace live action movement, frame by frame. Last is the live-action or animation which is a technique that combines hand-drawn characters into live action shots or live action actors into animated shots.


Animation is widely used to express ideas and concepts, and this is done by making the illusion of motion and change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other. There are many advantages as to the use of animation in different areas of life nowadays. For instance, animated objects are used to explain a new idea or concept, as well educate new learners in an entertaining manner.

The most common form of animation is cartoons, highly patronized because of its ability to entertain audiences effectively. It presents the message in a form that is very pleasing and memorable. A study done by HP relative to use of animation has shown that people are 50% more likely to retain information when it is delivered in both a visual and audio format, such as animated video than visual or audio alone.

Presentation of ideas through animation is also beneficial in saving time from having to read lengthy texts in order to acquire information and data about a certain thing. It effectively conveys ideas in a shorter time than having to red through a group of words ever again since it activates several senses such as the sense of sight for the visual of the animation, and sense of hearing for the audio that goes with the animated objects.

Also with the advance in technology, more and more people are likely to engage with their smart gadgets in acquiring new information in their daily lives. Using animation in promoting ideas and products can be easily accessed by the greater market since almost everyone is connected to the internet already. It allows people to engage with your materials anywhere and anytime, without losing their interest and grip given that your animation is enticing and highly captivating.


Reasons for you to love animation

Reasons for you to love animation

We see animation everywhere – television shows, advertisements, and now even online through social media and other websites. Seeing them all around the media today, you can’t help but ask: why do people seem to love animation? Here are some of the awesome reasons that make animation so interesting.

Reason 1: It can be enjoyed by everyone
Animation is for all ages. Whether you are old or young, you can always find a good animation enjoyable. A lot of people nowadays want to enjoy short and entertaining videos, thus they will always love to see an animated short.

Reason 2: It’s undeniably catchy
If you are looking for a great way to advertise and raise brand awareness, animation may just be the perfect solution for you. As said in the first reason, everyone can enjoy it. Thus animation can easily capture the attention of the audience, especially children. You can always see toddlers quickly run towards the television upon seeing a favourite cartoon character, and even the adults cannot help but enjoy watching animated shows every now and then.

Reason 3: It allows so much artistic freedom
With animation, you can simply do whatever you want, no holds barred. This means that you are free to come up with even the most fantastical ideas and make them possible through animation. Whether it is a realistic scene of a boy and his pet dog, or even a sci-fi short about a superhero fighting an army of aliens, animation is capable of making the impossible possible.

When it comes to animation in Singapore, you can always count on Grid Synergy. This transmedia studio specializes in animation and graphics design. They are always passionate in producing digital works that are unique and interesting. This team can help make animation more lovable to many people.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. Most companies which utilize website as their main area for their promotion and business transaction are suing SEO to reach the greater part of their market.

SEO is widely patronized for many god reasons, one of which is that the results that it affords are low cost since the organic listings are essentially free. Websites which are listed at the top get to free advertising, which means that they would not need to pay per click or allocate a budget for advertising.  But those which are just starting out would opt to pay for CEO costs in order to get consistent traffic. This is cheaper than having to pay money for every person who clicks on the ads you put up to promote your website or product. Also, the traffic that one gets from using SEO will not drop to nothing when the traffic stops compared to paid ads which do so.

Using SEO can also assure definite increase in the traffic. This increase can be traced and monitored by the use of analytics and reporting tools which will allow you too see the results clearly. Being able to trace the progress in your efforts will boost your confidence to put more effort in enforcing your brand. The results of SEO traffic can be felt quickly, although not that immediately since the traffic increase is at a steady rate. This can also lead to better return on investment than normal ads, because it will take your business to a higher level.

By opening up your website to more visitors each day, your company expands while being recommended by customers themselves. More importantly, the effects or results of SEO are permanent in character. Compared to paid ads, they do not suddenly stop if you cease to pay for them. Still efforts need to be exerted for you to remain in the top position, or the throne might be taken away from you.


The ability to interact and collaborate is what makes eLearning more fun and practical without the need to be in physical presence with another person. It also proved to be beneficial in the creation and delivery processes which becomes easier and hassle-free for both the trainer and the trainee, or a teacher and a student.

Another reason why eLearning is fun is that it sets no boundaries and has no restrictions. This is de to the reason that both parties are not bound by time restriction which is usually suffered in physical interaction. This is evident between two persons who are interacting online from two different parts of the world having different time zones. Therefore, eLearning does away with the physical limitation that it usually sets on persons who are sometimes physically bound due to location and hassle to access an area. It does not limit the participants who can attend at a specific time since it is online, which allows round the clock accessibility.  It also saves a company or even an individual setting up lesson teaching, from having to organize the time and place of the event where everyone can be present.

E-learning becomes more fun because of the interactive and fun tools that can be incorporated during the course of the event, by means of multimedia and even the more recent method of gamification. It further enhances the engagement factor between the participants and makes the correspondence more effective.

More importantly, it can be accessible to almost everyone, since internet is widely available everywhere nowadays. Consequently, it allows for bigger audience, not limited to people residing within a regional limit as it can be opened to global audience. It thus allow for comprehensive learning and wider access to new knowledge and interaction with people of different cultures and level of skills.


With just a camera and a good internet connection, people can easily convey new ideas and knowledge. This raises the efficiency of internet in the life of each individual by lifting it to more important use in the daily life.


Companies really have to start considering the use of video marketing in enforcing sales efforts and branding. Using videos in introducing the company, or introducing a new product, and even enforcing have been proven to be highly effective. David Murdico of the website Ragan has provided several reasons why you might want to start considering the use of video marketing in boosting your business.

First is that, video is where your customers spend their time. According to Murdico, almost everyone is watching video nowadays. In point of fact, Youtube alone has more than 4 billion views per day which says a lot about the attitude of people towards watching video. This is compelling enough to start considering the idea of using video to reinforce your market. You can start by making ads, promos, brand entertainment, web series, video blogs, funny viral videos, videos of your products and more until you gain reputation and name in the area, and then you can slowly incorporate your brand and company.

Video Production for video marketing is very effective is that, video is easily searchable. When people would look for something, the first thing they do is look for a video about a certain thing whether to know about the details or know how to use it. This is because people want everything to be more convenient and fast that demand for video-based information has increased. Indeed in this very fast paced generation, people would not toil much effort and time reading instructions and information when they can just listen to it or watch it on a video, thus allowing them to do other things along it.

More importantly, video is easily and frequently shared especially in the social networking sites. Video sharing has since became prevalent among the online audience, which is why you need to make your video entertaining that would make people to share it for the whole to know. Make your video attractive, entertaining while still being related to your goals of enforcing your brand or company.

How to come up with a well-designed website

Your website is a space where you can share the things that you want to share with the rest of the world. It is important that you keep it organized and well-maintained in order for it to become updated. Moreover, you should think about the ways in order to make your website catchy and increase traffic.

One of the factors that can make or break a site’s popularity is its design. When a website is horribly designed, it will not become a hit among those who browse the net. Here are some things that should help you come up with a well-designed website.

You need a proper headline. Of course, a proper headline varies depending on the purpose of your website. If it is a site for a product, it is ideal to make use of the product’s name as the headline. You should also think about whether your headline is interesting enough for people to check out. Your website should be easy to navigate through. It is important that the people who browse your website would find it easy to navigate through the pages. The users should be able to find what they are looking for without any trouble.

Make your website content interesting. No matter how much information you would like to share, it will all become senseless if you can’t make it interesting. A lot of people visit websites which have great content. Make sure that your content is easy to understand and memorable. Avoid using too much jargon – these sometimes confuse most viewers, and they end up getting bored reading your content.

There are times when you may need the help of a professional team who are passionate about creating unique and interesting digital solutions. Grid Synergy is a Singapore-based transmedia studio that offers a variety of video production services in the country, as well as graphics design services. They can help you when it comes to website design and SEO. This company loves to think out of the box, and they are happy to push the boundaries and help you create a website that will suit your needs.


E-learning among young people has been a great evolution from the traditional mode of introducing new ideas and enforcing knowledge. Due to the continued increase and improvement in the field of technology, more and more people are becoming tech-savvy, which is why even companies have adjusted to this call of change. Many companies now conduct their training via this e-learning scheme, because of its numerous advantages, such as efficiency, time saving, cost-efficiency and more. But there is more to e-learning than these things. The website eLearning Industry provided for a list of great benefits that using an eLearning tools can give.

First is that, it can give a round the clock accessibility. The materials used in eLearning tools can be easily reached to by employees, which can be utilized at their own pace and in comfortable settings. It can be used by different people who are in different time zones and in different parts of the world, which makes it easier for the employers to conduct their training faster and more efficiently. This provides a better scheme in teaching as well, as it allows for fast learning by ensuring that learners complete their training sooner and more readily so as to ensure productivity.

Secondly, it affords better-quality teaching to learners. E-learning was proven by various studies to enhance the engagement of learners as well as their retention, by means of several learning tools that are made widely available nowadays. The use of gamification or process of adding games or game-like elements to a task so as to encourage participation has also made learning more interactive and interesting. ELearning thus made the introduction of gamification easier.

The third benefit of eLearning is that, it contributes in the enhanced collaboration and reaches between the trainers and trainees. It can give them chance to act in unity in solving a task real time, regardless of their location.

Most importantly, eLearning also favored because of its cost-effectiveness benefit for the company. It saves a company from spending money for renting a room, printing papers and documentation in training new staff.


Strategy to win the Video Marketing War

Video marketing is akin to one huge and endless battle. Among companies promoting brands, there is no doubt that there is a competition going on, and the main rule here would be: the winner will be whoever stands out the most. That is why a lot of companies pay millions to come up with marketing strategies which will improve the image of their brand and gain a lot of popularity and customers. And with the kind of technology that we have nowadays, the war seem to have gotten more digital. You will see countless ads on television. And now that we have the internet, you can now find them as well in social media. One of the most well-known strategies to promote a brand is by means of videos. Thus it is important that you make use of video marketing strategies in order to win this war.

One of the best strategies is to make use of the social media. There is no doubt that the social media is one of the best portals for you to start your video marketing. A lot of companies use social media nowadays in order to raise brand awareness. A 2014 study has reported that 74% of people who view a video on social media have increased their understanding of the company. Since there are many different social media channels, you should determine where your target customers hang out, in order to make your video more effective.

But when push comes to shove, you can always leave it to a pro. There is always an expert who can help you win the video marketing war. Grid Synergy is a transmedia studio in Singapore that provides web video production services as well as a variety of digital solutions for different types of clients. They are a team of creative individuals that have an understanding of video marketing and therefore can always be relied upon to come up with ways to help you raise your brand’s awareness. Have Grid Synergy by your side to win the video marketing war.