Tips in Picking Your Animation’s Voice-Over Talent

As you anticipate the upcoming distribution of your video production, you’ll also find how there are many various types of audiences to appreciate your material. For instance, you must consider how some of your viewers may be auditory learners. This means they can grasp more of what you’re trying to tell them through what they hear. Either way, your visual materials should equally meet the tone of your Voice-Over talent. Here are some tips you can consider as you pick your talent:

What is the tone and purpose of your video?

The elements of your educational or corporate video production will depend on the tone of your message. You must finalize whether you’re thinking of having a formal or informal tone with your videos.

You must also consider the effect or impact which you’re targeting. Would you want your audience or listeners to feel empowered after watching the material? Or perhaps you would like to provide a reassuring and optimistic tone. You choice of talent will depend on the effects which their voices may have throughout the material.

Make sure your prospective talents understand the voice’s character

You will need to create a persona when it comes to considering the voice over of your animation’s script. This is where voice characterization will then come in handy. Upon holding a series of auditions for your prospective talents, you must then relay the tone which you’d like for them to internalize. It’s necessary to specifically note on how they must sound. For instance, consider whether you would like for their voices to sound like a friend, a mother or even an enemy-turned-hero.

Your voice-over talent can highly influence your video’s overall tone. This is why it’s quite necessary to pick someone who can fit your standards, so you may effectively share the message of your material.

Top Animation Tips for Your Video Production

So you just decided to work with a creative team which provides animation in Singapore. In preparation for your collaboration towards coming up with a top caliber material, you will need to consider some tips to further ensure the success of your project. Here’s a look into some effective and useful practices:

Decide on the theme and tone of your material

The tone and theme of your video production will depend on the purpose of your material. If you will be having a corporate video production, then it’s necessary to have a more formal tone and set of languages to be incorporated in your script. However, if you’re aiming to be more relatable as part of your website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, then you can take on the informal approach in your material.

Collect some references for inspiration

To set your preferred tone, you can collect a couple of inspiring materials which your animation agency can get inspired by. However it’s also necessary to not make them feel constrained, since they might possibly come up with an even better tone or theme of your upcoming material.

For starters, you may request for the agency to present their mood board or design inspirations. After learning about their video production ideas, you may then share what you collated so you can have more chances of coming up with the best theme.

Invite your own objective set of audiences

By having a mini-FGD or Focused Group Discussion, you will have a much better idea of how your prospective viewers would find your material. This way, you can gain an objective set of comments from well-trusted audiences.

These are just few of the preparation tips you may consider as you take on an animation project. You can further build on your own internal procedures, so you may wisely prepare for your upcoming

The Top Qualities of an Animation Company

Are you looking for a creative group which can provide for your video production needs? If so, you will need to set your criteria to ensure you’ll wisely choose the right provider. These ideas should get you started in listing up your own sets of standards, so you may work well with an exceptional studio soon:

A varied range of video production services

Thankfully, Singapore has animation companies which offer various types of materials all within just one hub. There are suppliers which offer educational video production, movies, TV shows, corporate videos and even web series for clients to choose from. It would then be necessary to check on a potential provider’s range of services, so it would be much easier to coordinate with one contact person from one highly reliable company.

Check their previous clients

A provider’s quality of portfolio can be very much telling of the type of work they do. It’s even a plus if they’ve catered for companies which belong to an industry which is similar to yours. If they’ve also served some of the top companies in Singapore then you can most likely expect an excellent quality of work.

Passion for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

One of the most effective ways for your company’s message to stay memorable, is through the creativity of the videos you’ll produce. It’s important to inquire about a supplier’s creative so you’ll know how your message can exactly be relayed. It’s even a plus for an animation company to go the extra mile in further figuring out the creative means of telling your story.

These criteria should give you a head start when it comes to choosing a video production agency. Be sure to further outline your standards, so you can make the best choice soon.

The Immense Value of Creativity in Animation

There’s a need to know what you’ll exactly sign up for, as you decide to work with a company which focuses on animation in Singapore. Aside from making sure your set of messages will be conveyed within a specific duration, creativity is one ingredient which you must seek for in your upcoming material. Without creativity, there are not a lot of reasons for your viewers to keep watching your video.

Creativity can avoid monotonous and bland stories

There’s more to animated videos than just placing a couple of colorful images and texts in every frame. By infusing the element of creativity, your message will not be forgettable. For instance, the standard elements of a video production entail a well-written script and storyboard.

It takes a creative set of minds to keep capturing the viewers’ attention with every scene. This means there can’t be an obviously lull set of seconds unless it builds up on the story’s peak or zenith. Stories can also be further shaped in various tones, depending on the impression by which you would like to convey.

Being out of the box may lead to memorability

As you choose among web video production services, it would also be necessary to understand how creative teams think. They will inevitably go beyond typical conceptual boundaries and even challenge the status quo.

Be sure to reign in some ideas, with the thought of how much you would like for your video to look like as a finished product. One thing is for sure: once you consider a video production company, you can surely have the option to stay memorable in the eyes of your prospective viewers.

Being fully aware of creativity’s immense importance can be used to your advantage. As a tip, you may start looking for sample materials which are similar to your prospective video so you will have a starting point upon meeting with your potential animators.

The Perks of Having a Web Series on Your Site

Are you considering various options, for your website to rank up and increase its sphere of influence? Then you may want to check the effectiveness of having a web series, as these perfectly go with website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are just few of the advantages in having a series of produced animation for your website:

Have lesser bounce rates with web video production services

When it comes to increasing your chances of reaching your target customers, one viable material you can look into would be web videos. Bounce rates are the bane of audience engagement since Google’s algorithms can detect a page’s relevance by how long a customer stays on it.

However when you have a web series, you’ll have more chances for visitors to keep browsing through your site and staying on your page hence increasing its relevance. This is definitely how animation in Singapore may lead to your site’s search ability.

Higher SEO ranking

If you would like for your home page and other target landing pages to rank highly on Google, one of the effective ways to make your vision happen is through web videos. You can also cascade the same web series to other social platforms, to ensure you’ll stay present in various channels for a wider set of audiences to see.

The increased number of views and followings will not be missed out by Google’s search measurements and this may lead to higher rankings on search pages. It would be even helpful if you could enable social buttons below the web series, along with a comments section for increased interaction.

These are just few of the perks which you may gain upon considering web video production services for your site. See how else can animation teams support your SEO goals today.

The Perks of Having an Educational Video Production

For most teachers, classroom management can be a daily challenge as they make the most of their students’ learning opportunities. There’s always a need to ensure all the students’ attention will be focused on the topics, so optimal lesson absorption will be made possible. This is where educational video production comes in handy.

If you’re an educator who’s looking to widen his or her range of teaching materials, here are just few of the advantages you can gain from having an Educational Video Production:

Teach complex subjects in an entertaining way

By speaking with a team which specializes in animation in Singapore, a set of colorful elements will inevitably be included in your teaching materials. For instance, a song can be taught so the planets and their characteristics may be memorized.

A story can even be told so students can entertainingly learn about photosynthesis among plants. By having an educational video production, you can include various entertainment factors so you can capture your students’ attention throughout the lesson.

E-Learning can be much easier to facilitate

When you use an educational video production every once in a while, you’ll only need to prepare your projector and television screen. Afterwards, the whole class may then be watching the animated lessons and these can cover the most complex topics depending on the subject you’re teaching.

When the entire video has already been watched, you may then carry out a Question and Answer portion to clarify some topics in the material. You may even announce a pop quiz to make sure your students would fully understand the lessons covered within the educational video production.

Hiring an animation company to creatively come up with your materials can also be helpful for visual learners. See how else your class may benefit from this format of learning, by speaking with an expert team of animators today.

Why consider a Corporate Video Production?

Availing of a corporate video production has its corresponding costs, as you consider animation in Singapore. However instead of sharing complex ideas through PowerPoint presentations, it can actually be much more convenient and effective for you to produce a video. A corporate video production can be packaged in an entertaining yet highly informative way. All it takes is to find the team which can precisely convey your message in the most creative and engaging methods possible.

For onboarding purposes

Onboarding entails a set of processes which should incorporate a company’s new employees into the existing system. Instead of monotonously speaking through a series of slides, your Human Resource trainer can utilize a well-produced corporate video to include all the crucial information about your company.

By considering an animated corporate video production, you can also further relay the culture of your company through the elements which are included in the material.

To inspire your sales force

There are animation experts who’ve had experience when it comes to creating and producing films with the most compelling stories. Some have even totaled their earnings at up to millions of dollars. By partnering up with an animation team, you can have compelling messages made in a more cinematic yet practical way. This should further inspire your sales force as they get conditioned about the vision of your company and how your products stand out among its competitors.

As a way to cascade policies

Multinational companies will have a standard set of policies which its employees will need to comply. By having a corporate video animation, a single and consistent set of messages will be cascaded throughout all of the company’s personnel.

There are many other reasons why a corporate video production would be helpful for organizations. By setting definite objectives and teaming up with a highly effective animation group, you will have more chances of getting your message understood by your audience.

The Efficient Processes of Animation in Singapore

Animation companies understand how tough production can get, especially when it comes to the out pour of orders among various clients. This is why each team which specializes in animation in Singapore, will always have a formulaic set of steps. This way, all the clients’ pointers will be thoroughly listened to and followed, towards producing an effective set of materials.

Phase 1: Meet and greet with clients

A collaborative environment is fostered at the beginning of each project. For instance, if a corporate video production is to be made, the client’s instructions and pointers will be laid out. Afterwards, the creative team will then propose a couple of action points which can be worked on throughout the production process.

Phase 2: Creative brainstorming and actual production of materials

It is necessary to finalize and agree on what the client actually needs, so precise expectations may be set. The next step would then be for the animation team to brainstorm on the material they’ll come up with. This is where the Research and Content Development Team’s expertise will come in handy. Various elements, techniques and tools will all be aligned towards coming up with an effective corporate video production.

Phase 3: Reviews, tweaks and final approvals

After the brainstorming sessions have been done and all the content materials have been aligned to produce a piece, client coordination would be necessary. This way, unfavorable elements of surprise will not be witnessed by the clients. Tweaks and taking in of comments would be necessary to further polish a piece, even before it gets fully launched and distributed.

Creative processes may still vary depending on the internal culture of an animation company. However these three basic processes may already give potential clients an idea of what to expect along the way.