Video marketing101: Finding the right content for your corporate video

Juggling with content and substance

The success of every video mostly lies the value of its message. How it is delivered comes after. While your goal is to establish brand awareness, increase exposure, and a return of investments, you should able succeed first in making your video engaging and persuasive to the viewers.

Developing a good content and how it should be presented are the crucial aspects of every video marketing. The customers won’t actually think about how good the product is but they will rely on how they felt after watching the video. There is always a human factor in the process of consumerism. If your product is really that good, let the audience discover it in the best way – through a high quality corporate video.

A content should always be the main message you want to relay to your audience. Do not start with vague ideas as it will make the viewers confused and lose interest. Such message should also be concise. Focus on the target emotions and information to deliver. Customers appreciate messages supported by facts and useful information. Moreover, it makes the video more credible, thus building connection and trust to the audience.

The content should also showcase the values and features of the product. However, this must be executed in a subtle way since it can make your viewers stereotype your video as an advertising tool used by the company.

Different production houses and companies can help you with the inputs for the video. Their expertise will help your company bring out the best in your products and services through an engaging and entertaining video marketing output.

With a good contents and delivery, your corporate video may be one of the most effective marketing tools in the online space.

Working with motion team: What to look for in hiring a video production company

The making of a corporate video requires passion and expertise. It is more than just compiling a number of video clips in one single video. It takes the time to plan and execute the same for an effective corporate video that can help increase sales and brand awareness. For this reason, many of the companies find and hire video production company for such specific task. After all, one effective video produced by production houses is way more useful than thousands of videos customers will not bother to watch. It is still wise to spend a little more for something than save a little for nothing.

However, the dilemma does not stop at the idea of hiring video production company. One must be able to hire the right company to do the task. In doing so, you may be guided with some of the tips below:

Look beyond the demo reels of the company

It is already given that companies put their best foot forward with the sample of their works. In this case, it is their demo reels. Clients use this minute-long demo reels to assess the capabilities and skills of the company. Don’t do the same, but dig for more works. Do not be overwhelmed with one sample work, but find more output they have done for other clients. This way, you can track if there is consistency in their works and assess the company better.

Browse through the clients and customers they have worked with

Great video production companies are usually popular among different businesses that are well known and recognized in the digital landscape. The more reputable clients they have, the more credibility the company has.

Inquire for their price rates

It is still important that the price falls within the perimeter of your target budget. Great video production companies know how to produce your corporate video without spending too much.

4 reasons why you need to include animation in your video marketing campaign

The virtual space has been bombarded with a lot of marketing videos with different contents. There may be times when companies aim to present similar content, but in different ways. Injecting some animation in a marketing video is one of the strategies used by companies.

Now, the question is whether such animation becomes so mainstream that it would ruin the video instead of making it interesting and raising the entertainment value of the video as the company engages customers with its products and services.

The potential of animation in the multimedia platform is actually boundless. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your corporate video blending in the common trends of today. In fact, there are even various reasons why animation should play a role in your video marketing campaign.

It brings concepts and ideas to life.

Animation helps you turn ideas into visual illustrations and representations. That is one of the beauties of animation. It helps people express their concepts better through interesting motion pictures.

Animation can also work magic with professional tones

Different businesses now learn to utilize the wonders of animation with their statistics and analytical data. It is even used for delivering facts so that the members of the meeting can assess the situation well. With that, the companies can do the same with their customers and target market.

Animation is not only for kids

Who says animation is just for kids? The animation is now even used to inform people about serious matters and concerns. You may even notice how environmental issues are being the subject of videos bombarded with animation. Everyone can appreciate different visual techniques. Hence, it can help you expand the types of customers for your marketing video.

Fun-formation in E-learning: Going beyond informing

Long recorded lectures no longer work for students today. Even researchers show how shorter, concise, and focused videos appear to be more effective than a one hour video about different topics and subjects.

E-learning is a medium that makes its viewers understand concepts better. The tool is not only used to inform, but to instill concepts under different subjects and fields. And the only way to accomplish this is to create an educational video which stimulates interest and simplifies complicated lesson for better comprehension, retention, and understanding.

Taking a common and boring education video into an interactive and effective e-learning takes a bunch of do’s and don’t’s, to begin with. Considering different factors may help you outsell such video to countless viewers in the virtual platform. Here are some of the tips to guide you as you get started:

Content should be one of the priorities.

Without the content, an educational video production is bound to fail. The presentation of the content should be plotted out in a way where students are able to understand every single part. It is then important in every educational video production to smooth out the content before proceeding to the animation, audio narration, so on and so forth.

Chop it off. Don’t saturate

Don’t squeeze everything in a video, especially when you are to limit the time of your presentation. It is advisable to just chop off the topics into different video in order to keep it concise and organize. Students will also be given enough breaks for all the information to sink in every after the lesson.

Motion pictures better work with good audio and good animation

Use visual aids such as diagrams and charts to show and illustrate what you want to say. It is already proven that students learn better with the use of multiple media and channels. The combination of visual, audio, and video is the best possible way to make students understand and learn lessons.

3 steps towards the successful video marketing campaign

Different media platforms would seem to be more complicated than the traditional tools we are acquainted with. Being unaware of the essential things in the field of multimedia increases the chance of failing when it comes to online marketing. It is, therefore, important to be fully guided as you try to engage your customers with the contemporary or modern kind of marketing.

It is not that difficult to gather different ways and tips for video marketing. The terms and other new tools may seem to be challenging. But with the help of a web video production company, you may find learning those few tricks a useful and fun tool in video marketing. They can help you deal with different customers and develop ideas and concepts to promote your own company in the digital landscapes.

Video production is quite a challenge in an online marketing. Aside from having thousands of competitors, you will be facing your own problems in the art of video production. Thus, you should prepare yourself with a list of tips as you go along with producing your corporate video. Here are some of the simple yet useful tips that should not be overlooked as they can highly affect the result of the campaign:

  1. Don’t maximize the video with lots of messages

At first, you may think that you are saving a lot of money in crowding your video different messages and contents about your company. Remember that too long and too much information can bore viewers. You may even end up saying less in minimal impact as well. It is important in video marketing to focus on one major message and let the audience feel something about it, that they should do something after watching the video. Saying a lot of different points in one video makes you miss out the main point in every video production which is to create an impact.

  1. Make sure to monitor the results

Video production strategies can be improved using the statistical data from your video marketing. It will help you assess what the audience would like to know and what are the contents that they enjoy watching.

  1. Allow space for creativity

Corporate videos always own this formal tone. But you can still do that while sprinkling it with drops of creative juice. It will make the marketing video more interesting and attract more viewers and customers.

Web video production services to boost marketing upshots

We always want to create new platforms where our customers can experience what our products and services can offer. Taking advantage of the digital landscape is one of the new media to start with since it is already saturated with potential customers for instant exposure. One just needs a good content and a perfect way to present it. This strategy will surely help you achieve your objectives like increasing the number of sales and brand awareness among the crowd of consumers who are seeking for the right services for their specific needs.

One of the most effective and commonly used media platform is the web video production. There are even a lot of companies who can help you with their diverse web video production services partnered with concepts and out of the box ideas for your own corporate videos.

Video marketing is a common service included in the pool of options given by such companies. The team behind the company will be responsible for creating a good concept, and responsible for bringing that concept to the customers through animation, luring texts and messages, and even provide for studio sessions for necessary video shots.

They can also offer web design and SEO to further improve your online ‘lobby’ or shop for customers. The service serves as an anchor to help make customers loyal to the company. Customers usually value web design since it stimulates interest and visual impact.

Web video production services provider is a modern service provider in this day and age. Their expertise serves to be one of the revolutionized ways of marketing as the public adapts and embrace the efficiency and interesting features of the new medium. The evolution continues to move towards this stage, which makes every company jump into the latest trend in consumerism.

Tips in Picking Your Animation’s Voice-Over Talent

As you anticipate the upcoming distribution of your video production, you’ll also find how there are many various types of audiences to appreciate your material. For instance, you must consider how some of your viewers may be auditory learners. This means they can grasp more of what you’re trying to tell them through what they hear. Either way, your visual materials should equally meet the tone of your Voice-Over talent. Here are some tips you can consider as you pick your talent:

What is the tone and purpose of your video?

The elements of your educational or corporate video production will depend on the tone of your message. You must finalize whether you’re thinking of having a formal or informal tone with your videos.

You must also consider the effect or impact which you’re targeting. Would you want your audience or listeners to feel empowered after watching the material? Or perhaps you would like to provide a reassuring and optimistic tone. You choice of talent will depend on the effects which their voices may have throughout the material.

Make sure your prospective talents understand the voice’s character

You will need to create a persona when it comes to considering the voice over of your animation’s script. This is where voice characterization will then come in handy. Upon holding a series of auditions for your prospective talents, you must then relay the tone which you’d like for them to internalize. It’s necessary to specifically note on how they must sound. For instance, consider whether you would like for their voices to sound like a friend, a mother or even an enemy-turned-hero.

Your voice-over talent can highly influence your video’s overall tone. This is why it’s quite necessary to pick someone who can fit your standards, so you may effectively share the message of your material.

Top Animation Tips for Your Video Production

So you just decided to work with a creative team which provides animation in Singapore. In preparation for your collaboration towards coming up with a top caliber material, you will need to consider some tips to further ensure the success of your project. Here’s a look into some effective and useful practices:

Decide on the theme and tone of your material

The tone and theme of your video production will depend on the purpose of your material. If you will be having a corporate video production, then it’s necessary to have a more formal tone and set of languages to be incorporated in your script. However, if you’re aiming to be more relatable as part of your website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, then you can take on the informal approach in your material.

Collect some references for inspiration

To set your preferred tone, you can collect a couple of inspiring materials which your animation agency can get inspired by. However it’s also necessary to not make them feel constrained, since they might possibly come up with an even better tone or theme of your upcoming material.

For starters, you may request for the agency to present their mood board or design inspirations. After learning about their video production ideas, you may then share what you collated so you can have more chances of coming up with the best theme.

Invite your own objective set of audiences

By having a mini-FGD or Focused Group Discussion, you will have a much better idea of how your prospective viewers would find your material. This way, you can gain an objective set of comments from well-trusted audiences.

These are just few of the preparation tips you may consider as you take on an animation project. You can further build on your own internal procedures, so you may wisely prepare for your upcoming

The Top Qualities of an Animation Company

Are you looking for a creative group which can provide for your video production needs? If so, you will need to set your criteria to ensure you’ll wisely choose the right provider. These ideas should get you started in listing up your own sets of standards, so you may work well with an exceptional studio soon:

A varied range of video production services

Thankfully, Singapore has animation companies which offer various types of materials all within just one hub. There are suppliers which offer educational video production, movies, TV shows, corporate videos and even web series for clients to choose from. It would then be necessary to check on a potential provider’s range of services, so it would be much easier to coordinate with one contact person from one highly reliable company.

Check their previous clients

A provider’s quality of portfolio can be very much telling of the type of work they do. It’s even a plus if they’ve catered for companies which belong to an industry which is similar to yours. If they’ve also served some of the top companies in Singapore then you can most likely expect an excellent quality of work.

Passion for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

One of the most effective ways for your company’s message to stay memorable, is through the creativity of the videos you’ll produce. It’s important to inquire about a supplier’s creative so you’ll know how your message can exactly be relayed. It’s even a plus for an animation company to go the extra mile in further figuring out the creative means of telling your story.

These criteria should give you a head start when it comes to choosing a video production agency. Be sure to further outline your standards, so you can make the best choice soon.

The Immense Value of Creativity in Animation

There’s a need to know what you’ll exactly sign up for, as you decide to work with a company which focuses on animation in Singapore. Aside from making sure your set of messages will be conveyed within a specific duration, creativity is one ingredient which you must seek for in your upcoming material. Without creativity, there are not a lot of reasons for your viewers to keep watching your video.

Creativity can avoid monotonous and bland stories

There’s more to animated videos than just placing a couple of colorful images and texts in every frame. By infusing the element of creativity, your message will not be forgettable. For instance, the standard elements of a video production entail a well-written script and storyboard.

It takes a creative set of minds to keep capturing the viewers’ attention with every scene. This means there can’t be an obviously lull set of seconds unless it builds up on the story’s peak or zenith. Stories can also be further shaped in various tones, depending on the impression by which you would like to convey.

Being out of the box may lead to memorability

As you choose among web video production services, it would also be necessary to understand how creative teams think. They will inevitably go beyond typical conceptual boundaries and even challenge the status quo.

Be sure to reign in some ideas, with the thought of how much you would like for your video to look like as a finished product. One thing is for sure: once you consider a video production company, you can surely have the option to stay memorable in the eyes of your prospective viewers.

Being fully aware of creativity’s immense importance can be used to your advantage. As a tip, you may start looking for sample materials which are similar to your prospective video so you will have a starting point upon meeting with your potential animators.