Developing a community of Singapore companies in GuangXi


Philip Wu, CEO, Grid Synergy Pte Ltd at Grid Synergy 特媒新能技's BRiNET Incubation Centre in Guangxi

Guangxi has unique comparative geographical advantages. It is the only western province which has both deep-water seaport and land ports situated on international borders, allowing it to serve as the gateway for the poorer land-locked western provinces of China.


The Chinese Government has identified this region as the “4th Pole” of its national development plan and on 18 Jan 2018, announced that it is the designated entry point of ASEAN+6 into China. The central government has been pouring US$200m every year into this region for the last 10 years and it is our assessment that the region is on the cusp of massive accelerated growth.


ASEAN countries have been GuangXi’s largest trading partners for 17 consecutive years and the central government officially designated Beibu Wan (BBW) as the permanent engagement point with ASEAN through the establishment of the China-ASEAN Expo (2004) and the launch of the Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Forum (2006). Through these 2 platforms, GuangXi has forged ties with 53 ASEAN cities, dual boosting its trade and economic cooperation with those regions and promoting people-to-people exchanges.


Over the next 3 years, we anticipate that there will be increasing interest by Singaporean companies to set up operations in BBW. We intend to be the first to set up an operating presence in order to blaze a trail for other Singaporean companies to follow by launching the Belt-Road Interactive Network Incubation and Learning Office in August 2019.

:: Establishing a presence in GuangXi ::

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