Yunfan Enterprise Introduction


Guangxi Yunfan Finance & Taxation Service Co Ltd is a platform dedicated to provide one-stop enterprise outsourcing services. The company is a strategic partner and governing unit of the Association of Overseas Students of Guangxi. Mr. Liu Xinhe, founder of the company, is a returning scholar with a degree in accounting and finance, and is a senior chartered accountant (ACCA).


In 2017, the group became a member of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange, and initiated the creation of China's largest “Guangxi Beibu Gulf Overseas Study and Returnees' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Board”, which has made positive contributions to Guangxi's returnee innovation and entrepreneurship. The company's professional services includes business, finance, taxation, law, intellectual property, corporate training, website promotion, integrated marketing and other services. It owns related vertical product services such as tax-saving treasures and international business. From the day it was founded, it was given the mission of creating a warmly and highly trusted enterprise service platform. Trust is the foundation of cooperation, which is a core value we have always emphasized.


The business scope of Guangxi Yunfan Finance & Taxation Service Co., Ltd. has covered Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. It has implemented high-tech professional talents in the fields of finance, taxation and law in Hong Kong and Macao, serving more than tens of thousands of corporate users. With the "thousands of synergy, cross-space, 10,000-person service, sharing time", high-standard services help enterprises grow, and are committed to implementing national strategies such as "double creation, four people", to be the growth soil of foreign-funded enterprises, and to hatch the future value of Guangxi's economy.

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