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A Trusted & Leading Video Production Company Specialising In Short Films that Engage the Emotion

At Grid_Synergy, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology in creative media to  partner with a diverse clientele of brands to create innovative, eye-catching video content.  More than just  a video production house in Singapore, we are storytellers who tap on our multidisciplinary capabilities to paint immersive stories through short films and videos that clearly communicate  our client’s heartbeat in order to generate a desired response. Our job is done only when the content resonates with viewers and evokes emotions. Leveraging our passion, expertise and experience, our company seeks to use our services to design and tell  our customers’ stories in a way that piques the viewer’s interest, and gets them to sit up and take notice. Our videos aren’t just acceptable, they are unforgettable - see how our works speak for themselves. With our award-winning team of creatives, your organisation will be in safe hands - customer satisfaction and business results are guaranteed. 

What Does A Video Production Company In Singapore Do For My Business?

When a business entrusts Grid_Synergy with a project, they can rest easy knowing that they are leaving it to a team of creative specialists and expert story tellers in Singapore. Essentially, video production covers the whole process of video creation. As a premier  video production company with our origins in movie making, we will coordinate every aspect of the project and provide  end to end services such as finding the right skill sets for the job, casting suitable talent, and deploying the appropriate director, director of photography, animator, production crew and producer to control the budget. A strict timeline will be prepared to ensure that the production of scripts, storylines, storyboards, and editing and post-production of the video’s final cut are efficiently managed. With industry expertise in short films, business marketing videos and other types of film, you can rest assured that our team has the skill sets to meet your needs,  preferences and customers’ expectations.

Partner With An Elite Video Production House In Singapore Today

A production of a commercial movie, such as “Money No Enough 2” or “2359”  in Singapore, requires a set of skills that is beyond most video production houses. This is what sets Grid Synergy apart. Whether you are looking for a short film or video production of a TV commercial in Singapore, our staff of talented, industry-acclaimed creatives are ready to help you bring your company’s passion  to life through high-quality video production services. Contact us today to see how our team can assist your business! 

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