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Augmented Reality Development Singapore

Augmented reality (AR) bridges the gap between our physical world and the data we receive in the two-dimensional digital world. Sensory information, or digital elements, such as visuals and audio, are added to the world as we see it – enhancing how we interact with our environment. This revolutionary technology has the potential for businesses to  significantly change how their target audiences experience their services and products.

Grid_Synergy is an augmented reality developer in Singapore that aims to help businesses create immersive experiences for both their customers and employees through AR. We also provide a range of other services – from digital learning and service design, to the development of mobile applications – that assist organisations in creating novel experiences.

How Can Augmented Reality (AR) Help Your Business?

With augmented reality (AR) you can personalise the experiences customers have with your brand. By adding this interactive, three-dimensional digital tool to your arsenal of marketing tactics, you allow consumers to try your products before buying them. For example, if you’re a furniture company, allowing shoppers to see how a sofa fits into the interior design of their living room gives them the confidence to make a purchase. In this way, AR has the potential to drive sales and create conversions – giving your business an edge over your competitors.


It doesn’t just stop here. An augmented reality company also assists businesses in Singapore in creating training programmes, customising courses and materials according to your needs and those of your employees. By using digital learning media to enhance your onboarding process for new hires, you make the process interactive and unique.

Why Choose Grid_Synergy When Considering AR?

Grid_Synergy is well-versed in creating immersive AR experiences that allow businesses to speak to their target audiences and be heard. As an award-winning agency that pushes the boundaries of creativity and technology, we analyse your business,  target audiences, products and marketing objectives, and propose innovative solutions. We strive to delight your target shoppers into converting to loyal customers.


We have worked with a range of companies from several industries to provide a diverse portfolio of work, some of which have won acclaimed awards. Our onboarding training programme designed for Brother, the multinational electronics company, won the Gold Award in the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards for Best Advance In Onboarding Technology.


To find out more about how our creative technology and media company can help your company offer novel, cutting-edge experiences, speak with us today.

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