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90 Days Challenge

Client's Learning Needs

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected life around the world. Not only has it affected financial markets, but it has also threatened family cohesion, health and personal growth. During this challenging time, Grid_Synergy looks into creating an innovative product that encourages individuals to develop a “growth mindset” to overcome some of the challenges they may face and sustain a positive lifestyle transformation to achieve personal goals.

The 90 Day Challenge is based on the idea that permanent lifestyle change emanates from the internal transformation of the mind using the 5 Forces - will power, social power, knowledge power, environmental power and system power - and a guided growth mindset transformation plan.


Our team came up with a problem statement to solve the pain points of the target audience and we used data collated from different sources to corroborate our findings. Based on the data from the interviews, the team created the personas and crafted the to-be customer journey map and service blueprint.


Once the proposed solution was approved, the team created a wireframe to visualise the architecture of the solution and gave a full report on how it could be implemented using growth hacking strategies.

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