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1000 Online tributes for Captain Ho!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Navigating the Future with "Ngaai" A Family Office Symposium with BG (Ret) George Yeo.

We launched the commencement of production of the Flying Tigers "short film" in a simple ceremony on 19 Sep 2023. Here's a preview of what we intend to shoot! So grateful that Mr Fred Ho and Mr George Yeo graced the event.

103 year old Captain Ho Weng Toh, a Singaporean, flew 18 combat missions during WW2. He is the last living Asian pilot of the famous Flying Tigers. After the war, he played a pivotal role to train more than 300 pioneer pilots for our very own Singapore Airlines.

Captain Ho embodies the courage of a generation that fought for freedom with what he calls “Ngaai 捱” - tenacity in the face of adversity. His action created conditions which allowed Singapore to be established. Yet, Captain Ho's story remains largely unknown.

The panel celebrated Captain Ho's spirit of "Ngaai 捱 ", a value that he deeply wishes to share with us.

Please consider supporting the project by bidding for a pair of business class tickets to Sydney to support this project!

Now we are gunning for 1000 online tributes for Captain Ho before we launch the short film in Nov / Dec! Please leave a message for Captain Ho here!

Philip Wu

Executive Producer

Flying Tigers (Official Short Film)

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