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The Launch of Grid Synergy's AI Customer Service Avatar (CSA) at Skillsfuture Festival

We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of Grid Synergy's groundbreaking AI chatbot at the SkillsFuture Festival. This momentous event marks a new era in AI-driven learning, empowering organizations to unlock their full potential through cutting-edge cognitive skill development.

We were honored to demonstrate to Minister of State for Education and Manpower, Ms Gan Siow Huang, the remarkable capabilities of our AI chatbot. It was a valuable and insightful session where we highlighted how this technology can significantly enhance and support organizations in achieving their goals.

Grid Synergy's CEO, Mr Philip Wu together with Minister Gan Siow Huang and Mr Tan Kok Yam (CE SkillsFuture Singapore)

Our AI-CSA launch at the Skillsfuture Festival witnessed an incredible turnout of over 25,000 people, gracing both festivals at Suntec City and VivoCity in July 2023.

Watch this video to learn more about our AI-CSA!

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