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Grid_Synergy develops bespoke blended learning solutions and content for public and corporate clients by combining the most up-to-date learning design methodologies and tools with cutting-edge technology. We use innovative and advanced learner-centric tools, such as interactive animations and activities, videos, gamification and AR/VR, which provide an incredible foundation for learning/training solutions that are accessible, inclusive and tailored to deliver effective content to our clients’ target learners.

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Level 1

Level 1 e-learning courses comprise mostly static slides, text, graphics and limited interactivity (such as click-to-show activities). Learning mostly consists of passive reading of content and learners have limited control over their learning. Content in Level 1 e-learning courses are mostly information-based, addressing the first two levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

Static slides, text, graphics

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Basic interactivity activities (click-to-show)

Passive reading

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Level 2

Level 2 e-learning courses comprise all the tools and content found in Level 1 courses, but also include a richer range of multimedia such as audio, video and basic animations and transitions. Level 2 content is often accompanied by narration and interactive tools such as drag-and-drop, hotspot or matching activities. Learners have relatively more control over their learning as these modules allow them to choose a basic learning path or learn through scenario-based learning. Content in Level 2 courses address the application and analysis levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, allowing learners to acquire application and analytical abilities.

Static slides, text, graphics

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Interactive tools

(drag-and drop, hotspot, matching activities)

Audio, video and basic animations

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Level 3

Level 3 e-learning courses offer a sophisticated and highly interactive learning experience, often comprising the extensive use of audio, video, transitions, animations, gamification, simulations and/or interactivities. Assessments/quizzes may consist of complex branching and scenario or story-based questions/activities that allow the learner to explore multiple paths and feedback levels. The learner is actively involved in the learning process as he/she is able to apply the knowledge learnt in authentic, dynamic scenarios. Level 3 courses are ideal to teach learners how to evaluate and utilise what they have learned to make decisions. They address up to the third level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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Interactive activities, gamification and simulations

Audio, video, transitions and animations

Complex branching and scenarios in assessments

Level 4

Level 4 e-learning courses comprise the most advanced interactivities, tools and content, often comprising interactive videos, social learning, AR/VR (360-degree videos/images), simulation exercises, and fully gamified, complex, scenario-based assessments. Learners have the freedom to learn, practice and apply new skills, and thus have complete control over their learning. Such courses are ideal when you want learners to explore multifaceted and complex issues, as well as develop strategic skills. Level 4 courses address the third, fourth and fifth levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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Advanced level interactive activities, gamification and simulations

Interactive/AR/VR/360 videos/images

Fully gamified, complex, scenario-based assessments

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Learning Design Training

Our training sessions equip organisations with the skills to design learning content effectively, as well as apply a range of the most up-to-date learning design resources, tools and methodologies that will support their learning design efforts. Participants will learn how to raise the quality and effectiveness of their learning content and design from our in-house e-learning design experts, so that they will be able to develop and deliver learning experiences that best fit their target audience’s needs. Our training programme can be highly customised to fit our clients’ learning needs and objectives, and will include both concept-based and hands-on exercises so that they leave with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills.

Training sessions to design learning content effectively

Customisable to fit your learning needs and objectives

Concept-based and hands-on exercises

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