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We are an agency that is obsessed with delivering real-world results for our clients. This means combining our award-winning creativity with cutting-edge technology that drives business results for brands. From creating artworks enhanced with augmented reality to driving traffic to malls to designing facial and gesture recognition games to increase engagement in outdoor media, we continually push the boundaries and deliver solutions that not only break barriers but also, more importantly, break new grounds in business results for our clients.

We. Simply. Engage.

Professional Photography Services

Grid_Synergy is proud to present to you our latest service addition, professionally styled portfolio photoshoot! Entrust us to professionally craft a unique stylised portfolio for you with our professional team! 

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Branded Viral Videos

One of the best ways for branding is through emotionally-driven stories. Our branded short films have been seen by millions and shared thousands of times.

Corporate and Promotional Videos

Award-winning creatives, world-class cinematography and meticulous post-production lead to content that delivers real-world results.

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360 Videos

360 videos provide immersive and interactive experiences for your viewers.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, we create virtual reality and augmented reality experiences that will increase customer engagement for you.

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Facial and Gesture Recognition Games

Using cutting-edge facial and gesture recognition technology, we create games and marketing campaigns to increase your engagement with your target audience.

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