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Grid_Synergy’s expertise lies in service design thinking. We use holistic, customer-centric design principles, tools and processes when creating learning experiences for our users. We believe that having an empathetic understanding of our users’ needs will allow us to create and deliver learning solutions that stand out because of their ability to get to the root of the issues and needs of users. Such solutions combine practicality and creativity to continually innovate and improve existing tools and processes, as well as provide our clients with personally customised and individualised courses that are user-centric, inclusive and practical. 

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Customer Journey Mapping

At Grid_Synergy, we collaborate with our clients and stakeholders from both private and public organisations to create customer journey maps. Customer journey mapping offers clients an in-depth understanding of the motivations, needs, hesitations and concerns of their target users/customers via the use of advanced storytelling, as well as visual and data tools. These tools provide insight into the full experience of users/customers and offer your organisation/business the opportunity to engage more effectively with your users/customers as they move through the various touchpoints of your organisation’s processes. In doing so, you can effectively improve the quality of your users’/customers’ experiences, ensuring a solid foundation in building a seamless experience across your organisation’s various channels.


Insights into the full experience of users/customers 

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We provide analysis and research of our clients’ target users/customers, build in-depth personas around that information, and map out the users’/customers’ journey. Our process/learning design development team uses UX/UI design to create products that are directly relevant as well as meaningful for our users/customers, paying close attention to the design, usability, and functions of the products or experiences. We understand the whys and whats of the product/experience and build a user-centric design that increases quality, sales, and brand reputation. The users’ needs and goals are at the centre of our design, and we focus on using user feedback and reviews to create memorable and effective experiences that are seamless, practical and catered to their needs.


Conceptualisation of features


Development of graphics, process, user flow


Mobile and website development

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Service Design Training

We partner with experts in the field of service design to conduct training for clients who wish to understand and develop exceptional digital/in-person service experiences and processes for their users/customers. Providers that will find this training programme useful include business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, business-to-business (B2B) companies and government organisations. Our service design training links you up with experts in the field, allowing you to leverage their expertise on how to better identify, understand and analyse your products/services, as well as how your customer pain points are linked to organisational shortcomings. You will also learn to better align your employee experiences and processes, as well as create value for your customers beyond traditional touchpoints. In doing so, you will be able to discover and create opportunities for improvement and change to create a service experience that is effective, seamless and desirable.


Training to understand and develop exceptional service experiences

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